Worst Experience at Indian Beach "Suite" Kim Bass's place

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Update by user Jul 22, 2013

The location should say SARASOTA FLORIDA and not Madison, WI.

Original review posted by user Jul 22, 2013

My son and I were vacationing for a week in Florida and saved up our money for a trip. We found a property through Flipkey (tripadvisor's trusted partner site) and it sounded incredible. It was the opposite.

I did not want to leave this review. I thought Kim (the owner) would care more about the customer than money. I was wrong. She had ravingly positive reviews online about her property. I now realize that she chooses which reviews to approve and not approve or verify. There were probably others who never got their word out about it. And the ones that are on there - I now believe to be fake as she and the place were so the opposite of those reviews. I was sold on them alone.

The place was not as described - and Kim was not as described. I was so won over by her amazingly positive reviews that I was just as excited to meet Kim as I was about visiting FL. We even bought Kim's dog a toy from the store - but we never saw him like she said we would.

Upon entering the tiny room - which was so much smaller than explained - we were also hit with a strong odor of cigarette smoke. For a good $80 you should have a nice room and it should be clean and cool. My 8 yr old son wanted to leave right away because it was so hot & smoky smelling. I'm sure Kim will say it was at a good temp.

I also had NO idea Kim lived there! This was her home with one small room to the left with a bathroom which had a door to her living area. It was so hot and smelled of smoke - but we tried to deal with it and stay overnight one night at least. I barely slept and had a headache and issues breathing.

What's worse is the way she treated me. I've worked with many people over the years and dealt with customers with my business - & you need to care about the customer (not the cash first). I had carbon monoxide poisoning and can't be around the smoke - have probs breathing. I spoke to her and she lied. She said she never smoked inside, etc. but I had problems breathing every time she lit one up. I politely asked for a refund as I could not stay there. Even if she did smoke outside - it made its way all inside the home. She was very rude and said she would keep the money. I feel deceived about the place and sad about how people choose money over doing the right thing. I've traveled the world and this was my worst experience in all my travels. She couldn't have been more of the opposite than those raving reviews and I truly hope Tripadvisor and Flipkey investigate them. She's so far kept my cash and it's just ridiculous. I emailed her giving her a chance to do the right thing so I didn't have to right these reviews - but her love of money surpassed morals and here I am. Word to the wise - don't make my mistake. Stay at a hotel. Use expedia to get a great deal on a local hotel. We went to Best Western Midtown for only $54 and it was so nice there!

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We take pride in our accommodations, the neighborhood, our hospitality, and ability to satisfy all of our guests. Yet, in this case, we had to realize that some people are unable to be satisfied, no matter how delicately we handle their complaints.

We have had rental properties since 1987 (26 years!), and this is the FIRST complaint we have ever received like this.

Ms. Mann filed a dispute and claim with Pay Pal, and negative reviews with Flip Key, Trip Advisor, this site and probably others. Pal Pal settled the dispute/claim in our favor, which was for $170, not $255. Flip Key removed the negative review, Trip Advisor is reviewing. Both companies are known for their ethics in providing accurate THIRD PARTY reviews, and are currently investigating her comments, not only about our property, but about their sites and their review processes and standards, which we encourage.

We are sorry for Ms. Mann's experience, felt we did all we could think of within the scope of our policies to address the concerns she mentioned after her first night of stay. She stayed one night out of three that were booked, not a week. She refused to allow us to work with her on her concerns at the time.

Since her departure, we returned her deposit early, and offered a free stay in the future. Her response was to post this, other web comments, and file the claim with Pay Pal.

We hope that the readers of these posts will be discerning enough to see that this is one of many reviews, and act accordingly.

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